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1000`s of Top Crop rooted clones have been evaluated by washing and inspecting root structures over a number of years and always they prove to have superior root structures.

Clones produced by Top Crop have fibrous root structures similar to seedlings. This enables  Top Crop clones to grow more rapidly in the field.

Forestry Clones

For information on tested Eucalyptus Clones "click" on right button.

Top Crop Nursery began producing clones in the mid 1990`s with the CSIR/NCT program.

The nursery played an important part in the  development of the CSIR/NCT program.

Today, Top Crop Nursery deploys a number of very well tried and tested clones for low and higher altitudes.

The nursery has a unique method to root cuttings and grow them ready for sale. The exclusive system deployed has proven to grow a superior root system.

All customers have had success with the clones that the Nursery grows.

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Superior Root Systems

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