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Bunch Grass information.

A number of years ago Top Crop Nursery assisted by Doctor Ed Granger embarked on a program to investigate the feasibility of growing "plugs" of indigenous veld grasses.

Seed is not readily available and each species has different & specific requirement for propagation.

A great deal of research time and effort has gone into this area of product development and we are proud to be in the position to grow and offer a number of these grasses in as plugs.

They can be used for Landscaping, Rehabilitation, Erosion control and Veld upgrading!

We even grow a grass for insect control!

Delivered in trays or packed into lined boxes.

Delivery can be done by UTI within a few days to almost all towns and cities in South Africa.

Umlazi Landfill site rehabilitated  using plugs

A Kloof -KZN Garden landscaped with Aristida junciformis.

Easy to manage and can be maintained by an annual pruning.

bunch grass bullitin.pdf

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Grass bulletin

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