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Forestry Seedlings

Forestry Seedlings

Producing high-quality forestry seedlings involves careful planning, appropriate seed selection, optimal growing conditions, and diligent care. We remain a leader in the industry of the most commercially required tree species.


Eucalyptus, Pine and Wattle seedling varieties are available. We strive only to use varieties of the best genetic material.

Post-planting support

We provide guidance and support to the recipients of the seedlings to ensure proper handling, planting, and care after they have been distributed.

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Forestry Clones

Forestry Clones

Producing high-quality forestry clones requires expertise in plant propagation techniques, understanding the target tree species, and adherence to local regulations and guidelines. This has been our main focus for the past years. 

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Why our seedlings are different

  • All forestry clones are grown in paper pots in a model 98 specially designed tray.

  • The pots are 90 mm deep and 35 mm in diameter and are the largest plugs available in the industry.

  • Ready for extreme planting conditions with excellent survival rates.

  • Only the best well-tested clones are deployed.

  • Our program is leading the industry with Eucalyptus and Wattle hybrids.

  • New Hybrids such as E. Grandis X E. Smithii and E. Grandis X E. Longistrata will be available soon.

  • Excellent survival after popped from trays packed in liners eliminating the necessity to take delivery in trays.

  • Reduced delivery costs and no holding nursery costs.

  • Clones in paper pots will last in liners for at least a week.

Forestry Information

Forestry Seedlings and Clones Information

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