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Lawn and Turf Grass

Lawn and turf grass plugs allow homeowners and landscapers to quickly establish lush, healthy lawns. These pre-grown plugs provide easy installation, rapid root development, and superior turf quality. With a wide selection of grass species and cultivars, customers can find the perfect match for their specific landscaping needs.

Top Crop Nursery has supplied grass in plug and sprig for more than 25 years. A wide range is produced for specialised use such as sportsfields and for the home gardener.

Over the years we have developed new grasses and we continue to strive to develop new strains and improved varieties.

Our grasses are used Nationally and Internationally and on request we should have the most suitable grass for most applications.

We strive to ensure disease and weed free material.

Trees and Roses


All grass plugs are grown in model 200 60mm deep trays.

Generally, for most grasses to cover in about 6 weeks in the active growing season a tray of 200 plugs spaced at 200 mm centres will cover 8 square meters.

Image by David Mancini
Grass Plugs
Grass Close Up


Top Crop Nursery can quote on planted Sprigs in most areas of South Africa. All grasses supplied have been tested and grown by Top Crop Nursery.

One 7 kg pack of Sprigs can cover between 40 - 50 square metres. 

Planting Information
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