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Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of hues with our exquisite variety of flowers - delight in the elegance of roses, the whimsy of daisies, and the exotic allure of violas. Our vast selection allows you to create enchanting floral displays that captivate the senses and transform any space into a blooming sanctuary.

Most ornamental plugs are now grown in paper pots placed in a polystyrene tray. 

These plugs are 110mm deep and 30mm in diameter that can be planted directly into the  ground.

 Dispatched into trays are pulled into liners or boxes the plugs can last up to a week if kept in a cool shady spot.

Trees and Roses

Ornamental Trees and Roses

Welcome to our wholesale nursery, where we offer an exquisite variety of ornamental roses and trees that are perfect for enhancing the beauty of any landscape.


Our collection features a range of vibrant rose blooms in captivating colours. Each rose is carefully cultivated to ensure optimal health.


Our selection of ornamental trees includes majestic specimens that provide shade, privacy, and a touch of grandeur to any garden or park.


With their graceful forms and seasonal splendor, our trees are meticulously nurtured to thrive and become cherished additions to any outdoor space.

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Grass Plugs

Indigenous Grass Plugs

Looking to enhance green spaces and create stunning landscapes?


Our premium bunch grass seedlings are the perfect solution for homeowners and professional landscapers alike. With their stunning ornamental appeal and low maintenance requirements, these seedlings are a must-have for any garden enthusiast.


Our carefully nurtured bunch grass seedlings boast strong root systems and exceptional drought tolerance, making them ideal for arid climates.


Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity to transform landscapes with our high-quality bunch grass seedlings.

Oil & Berry

Oil and Berry Plugs

Selling oil-producing plants can be a strategic move for companies seeking to optimise their operations. By divesting these assets, organisations can unlock capital, streamline their focus, and adapt to evolving market trends. However, carefully analysing the potential impacts on revenue, workforce, and environmental considerations is crucial to ensure a successful and responsible transition.


On the other hand, berry plugs cater to the growing popularity of home gardening and sustainable living. These small plant starters allow individuals to cultivate their own berry bushes, creating a self-sufficient source of fresh fruit. With the increasing interest in health-conscious and eco-friendly practices, selling berry plugs presents an opportunity to tap into the thriving market of gardening enthusiasts.

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